Charity Projects

Your subscription will change lives.

By signing up to an Ethical Kitchen subscription box, you'll be helping to make a genuine difference to someone's life, as we take 50p out of our profit from every box and pass it on directly to our charity partners to help fund their community projects.

As we grow, we'll be helping more charities do their amazing work.

Current partnerships:

Point Foundation

Point Foundation is a UK based non-profit organisation working in sub-saharan Rwanda to create better educational opportunities for hundreds of children affected by severe poverty.

It focuses on realistic projects that enable marginalised, disabled and special needs children to get to nursery and primary school and benefit from a good start in education.

Donors and sponsors help sustain the means to support these pupils and also provide struggling schools with the tools and teachers needed to give a decent standard of inclusive education.

Since 2007 Point Foundation has built close links with the communities it works with, making regular visits and managing funds directly at grass root level.

By listening to and respecting the needs of each community, the Foundation brings the chance of education to orphans and vulnerable children, giving them the means to self- sufficiency in the future.


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